Tuesday, October 20

Zabbix 4.4 on CentOS 8 Installation

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When you try to install Zabbix 4.4 on CentOS 8, you’ll probably get the following error:

Problem: cannot install the best candidate for the job
– nothing provides libssh2.so.1()(64bit) needed by zabbix-server-mysql-4.4.5-2.el8.x86_64

To fix this, install the libssh2 module directly:

dnf install http://mirror.centos.org/centos/8.0.1905/AppStream/x86_64/os/Packages/libssh2-1.8.0-8.module_el8.0.0+189+f9babebb.1.x86_64.rpm

Now you can install Zabbix.


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    • Travis Newton on

      So Zabbix 5.0 has been released and I was able to install it on CentOS 8.1 without any issues. Give that a shot 🙂

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